BLGM’s engagement at NZCBIA 2017 Annual Conference and NZ International Property& Building Expo

The Annual Conference of NZCBIA and NZ International Property& Building Expo took place at Vodafone Event Centre in Manukau, Auckland on 21st and 22nd of July. With high demands of investments in the field of properties, constructional and robust needs as seen at financial sectors, it provided a wonderful opportunity for engaging leaders and professionals to be gathered to support, educate and build up network within the expo event and beyond. In order to promote development of construction and financial investments, the theme of this year’s event was Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There were more than 100 delegates presenting to bridge the gap between suppliers and consumers, it was also providing a face-to-face chance for consumers and suppliers to communicate and discuss directly without any barriers such as language barrier.

As a leading financial service provider in New Zealand, it was a great honor for BL Global Markets Ltd being invited as a VIP exhibitor at this annual conference. The bright vision of financial investments attract hundreds of people to visit our exhibition table, it also gave us a great opportunity to show our top financial products to potential clients.

National Party’s member Dr Jian Yang along with some of industry’s brightest minds presented at opening ceremony of conference to give best wishes for the success of exhibition and business.


Visitors expressed a strong interest to our financial investment products, crowds around BL Global Markets Ltd’s exhibition table and people enquires FX trading trends and markets, bulletin and oil trading investment.

Chief Financial Analyst Andrew Li was giving his opinions and answering people’s questions regarding to trends of FX trading markets.

Marketing manager Bruce Bi was drawing visitors’ attention by delivering his point of view and analysis of benefits and risks of FX trading.

We are a high-skilled and professional financial team delivering quality financial service and competitive products.