The June staff training is presented by our AML consultants

Our June 2015 group training event was presented by AML Solutions, New Zealand’s leading specialist AML/CFT consultancy. We have been working closely with AML Solutions and their experts have provided us with professional training and guidance in AML matters. Our June training was significant as it was tailor-made for our team and presented in our office, and we included everyone in our team so that the same knowledge and understandings will be held by all.

The training covered compliance officer obligations, supervisor expectations, the wider compliance framework, practical implementation of AML/CFT compliance, suspicious transaction reporting and appropriate governance and assurance.

AML/CFT is a complex and highly-regulated area of financial services. It requires advanced knowledge and experience to formulate risk assessments, compliance programmes, deliver audit services and meet the requirements of the legislation. We are very fortunate to have a close working relationship with AML Solutions and benefit from their excellent services.

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