New Zealand’s Prime Minister is the guest speaker at the Auckland business breakfast

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce March breakfast meeting with the Rt Hon. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, was a chance for the BL Global Markets team to hear the latest views from our country’s leader. The address from the Prime Minister focussed on the interests of Auckland and New Zealand businesses and highlighted the growth of New Zealand business interest in China.

According to the New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCAT), Chinese investment in New Zealand needs to grow and does not reflect the size of our growing commercial relationship with China. The report quotes the government’s view that “Chinese investors are unaware of New Zealand opportunities�?. While China invested approximately US60 billion globally in 2010/11, China owned assets in New Zealand amount to only NZ$1.87 billion in total, compared with $100 billion invested by China in Australia.[ 1 ]

The Chamber of Commerce is linked to 30 similar not for profit business membership organisations in New Zealand and promotes business growth and supports business success. We will have further opportunities to hear first class speakers at similar events.

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